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my family and the monterey park shooter  /  the new yorker

groceries  /  the atlantic

the intruder  /  london review of books

logging the mileage  /  american short fiction

confessions of a ppe smuggler  /  the new republic

the house that donovan built  /  BOMB magazine

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surviving in america  /  the believer

elizabeth hardwick's life of the mind  /  the nation

my llama  /  heaven tonight - pioneer works

diary of an attempted flatlife  /  lux magazine

2021 fall grantee  /  cafe royal cultural foundation

polyphyletic double: on kidnapping, murder, and resistance  /  joyland

how to do anything  /  changes

emerging writers fellows - 2019  /  the center for fiction

tin house scholar 2020  /  tin house

tennessee williams scholar 2022  /  sewanee writers' conference

frances andrews scholar 2022  /  mendocino coast writers' conference

we are still here: letters by sarah wang & connie leung  /  asian american writers' workshop

postcard from brazil  /  the poetry project - the recluse

an anus has no gender  /  contemporary art daily

how we talk about prison - reading and panel (video)  /  asian american writers' workshop

kundiman mentorship lab fellowship 2020  /  kundiman

kathy acker's blood and guts  /  movement research

foot binding, feminism, and my 104-year-old grandmother  /  catapult

dogface  /  tiny crimes: very short tales of mystery and murder

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